Teen Vogue

cover_teenvogue_190I picked Teen Vogue for two reasons. 1) It was not available when I was a teen. 2) Taylor Lautner was on the cover (Twilight fan). The first thing I did was check the magazine website to see what the magazine’s mission statement was to try to gauge its purpose and intended audience. The mission statement is as follows:

“Fashion Starts Here. This simple mandate sets TEEN VOGUE apart. Style-conscious girls everywhere know there’s only one source for relevant fashion and beauty news communicated in a sophisticated tone with the power of the VOGUE brand. In a time of expanding media choices, true authority is irreplaceable—and unmistakable.”

Obviously this magazine is about fashion, a spin-off of the adult fashion magazine Vogue and directed at teen girls. I was unable to find an actual age, but I guessed the intended age would be around 15-17 years.

The magazine was very colourful with a good selection of text, pictures and graphics. Teen Vogue stays relevant by including things such as a website which features contests and updates, music and movies sections, new technologies, etc. I found that their website was especially appealing featuring both articles from the magazine but also a lot more on fashion and celebrities. I found that their articles about what people are talking about (ie., music, movies and new technologies) very current and were presented in a way that made me want to buy or look more into the products. There was a lot of coverage about what celebrities are wearing, but there was a good mixture of younger celebrities such as Selena Gomez and older celebrities such as Katy Perry. I was surprised by the mixture, and I appreciated the inclusion of celebrities that were of the same age as the targeted audience. Much of the magazine consisted of pictorials or advertisements relating to fashion, including things that were new, how to wear certain clothes and young celebrities modeling the new line in a cool photo shoot. 

There was a strong beauty and health section, although it dealt exclusively with beauty. There were a few features including an article about a model that used to be anorexic, college debt and impossible standards for being a girl. The articles all addressed important issues for girls, but there could have been a few more substantial articles. Overall the advertisements were age appropriate featuring mainly fashion or beauty products. I felt some of the designers were not age appropriate, but with shows like Gossip Girl being such a hit, designer names are now a part of teen culture. Overall I felt that the magazine met its mission statement and presented a good mix of advertisements, pictorials and text articles. While most of the magazine was dedicated to fashion I thought that with the articles and designated sections, the magazine was general enough to appeal to a wider teen girl audience.


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