Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters

51hp046fQ8L__SL500_AA240_Nick is your average kid – he likes pets and loud music, and enjoys hanging out with his friend Matthew. He also has two moms. As Nick grows up and reflects on some of his memorable moments both good and bad, we see some of the struggles he has had to endure and the strength he has gained from the two women in his life. However, things fall apart fast for Nick when his parents separate and he is left living with his birth mom Erin.  This book challenges conventions about what it means to be a family and examines the various roles people play in one’s life.

Between Mom and Jo is an exceptional book that covers some very difficult topics. While the story is based upon a family with two moms the issue of divorce is applicable to any family structure. While some might find the book controversial (I definitely don’t) what shines through is Nick’s voice about growing up being different from everyone and his love for his family. Ultimately, the story is about family, something that everyone can relate to. Despite most of the chapters being a type of flashback, the book does not feel disjointed.  All of the main characters are vibrant and through the flashbacks the writer is able to give depth to the characters as we come to see the reason behind some of their decisions. The writing is colourful and the story relevant.  I strongly recommend this book for any library as an excellently written fiction novel.

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*Side note, the newer paperback cover no longer has the two moms on the cover, but rather a solo picture of Nick.


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