Professional Resources – NoveList

logo_novelistNoveList is an online database developed in 1994 originally designed for adult fiction readers. Now, however, NoveList has grown to include over 150,000 fiction titles and encompasses all readers from children to adult. While generally used by reader’s advisory librarians and not specifically for young adults, this is a beneficial professional source for anyone working with YA materials.

 There is a section of the main home page that is devoted to YA readers. This section includes information on Authors Biographies, Award winners, Book Discussion Guides, Book Talks, Featured Articles and Recommended Reads.

The Award Winners section was helpful because it divided the awards by certain sections such as historical fiction, literary, and my personal favourite, Canadian.  It lists the specific awards in each category such as the Red Maple Award from Ontario and includes all the winners of each award (with cover, plot summary, author information, etc).

Other key elements of NoveList are the information that is provided for every particular book. Usually a book page will include information about the author including their collection of works, the cover, recommended reads (which provide booklists that correspond to various aspects of the book), reviews from places such as Booklist and Library School Journal, as well as searchable subject headings. These let a user search books that have similar characteristics. For example, on the page for Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson one could search for other books about teenage rape, emotional problems, high school, etc., via subject headings.

While not specifically for Y.A materials, this is an excellent reference tool for a YA librarian. It provides specific lists that help build collections and displays. It gives a user tons of information about specific books, including read alikes. It also includes articles by librarians that cover important themes/topics/genres in Y.A literature. I am a huge fan of NoveList and use it constantly to help me identify other books that I might enjoy.


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