St. Thomas Public Library YA Program

TeenLounge1This is a great example of a smaller library system providing creative programs for their young adults. The St. Thomas Public library is hosting a library photo competition. YA are encouraged to take photos of the library and submit them under the following categories: The Building, Where I like to Read, Light and My Favourite Place. The photos will be displayed in an art show on November 6 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. 50 of the pictures will be selected for a Photo Fest Book and the funds from the book will go towards the Library Revitalization Fund.

I love this program for several reasons. I know that the St. Thomas Public Library is really attempting to reach out to the Y.A population and have created a wonderful new space for them. This project really gets teens into the library to think critically about what it is they like there, and gets them more comfortable with the new space. It invites them to think of the library in terms of their experiences, and highlights that they really do have a place in the library. Secondly, the fact that the pictures will be published gives the teens that participate something to be really proud of and it also allows them to experiment with a creative medium. Also, because the book is being sold to support the library, the kids are offered the chance to participate in doing something to benefit the library.


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