School Library goes Digital.

I have this really good friend who is my technological buddy. He informs me on all the new technologies that are out there, taking special joy in telling me about ones that affect libraries. Here is an article about a school library going completely digital.

“So the venerable boarding school west of Boston — the first in the United States to admit both boys and girls — last summer undertook another first: It began getting rid of most of the library’s books. In their place: a fully digital collection. Library watchers say it could be the first school library, public or private, to forsake ink-and-paper in favor of e-books. It also represents the first time that a school has placed its students’ intellectual lives so fully into the hands of a few online publishers and electronic-device makers.”

This round goes to you Daryl!

I wonder what it would look like if the Teen Annex went Digital, would the students be more interested?


One Response

  1. wooohooo! Not only do the children win, but the trees too! Like the Chick-fil-a commercials of cows saying, ‘eat more chicken’. I think if you listen to the wind whispers in the trees, you will hear, ‘read more digital’.

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