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The YALSA blog had a great program idea about a month ago  involving teens working with seniors. The teens were recruited from a high school volunteer fair to sign up to help tutor seniors on how to use the computer in the library. Apparently it was a great success!

I think this is one of my favourite ideas for how libraries can reach two really important patron groups. There is usually such a big gap between the two groups that it is great to be able to put them together to erase stereotypes and build friendships.

My high school did similar things with seniors in my home town. My high school was part of a community centre in a small town so it had the public library, seniors day program, nursery school and arena all built into one building which gave students a great opportunity to be involved within the community. The school had a memoir group where students from the creative writing class would meet weekly with seniors and write their memoirs for them. It was a great creative exercise for us students. We met some amazing seniors and I know it meant the world to the seniors to have their story written and read aloud to a group.

All in all, I think seniors and teens are great together!


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