How it Ends by Laura Wiess

4161dN65XxL__SL500_AA240_All Hanna wanted was Seth, he was her dream guy. Yet when Seth finally agrees to go out with her, Hanna finds that their relationship is not all that she expected. Instead of being a knight in shining armour Seth is volatile, jealous, controlling and mean. To complete community service hours Hanna starts taking care of her neighbour Helen (who also sometimes narrates) who is like family and is dying from Parkinson’s.  Together they listen to an audio tape about life and love and Hanna begins to realize how much this story begins to impact her and how she sees her relationships with Seth. A heartbreaking story of life, unconditional love and family, How it Ends will captivate any reader.

I can’t get over this book! Laura Wiess is a beautiful stand-out writer and her ability to create an emotional experience with her readers is incomparable.  Hanna is a character that any young girl can relate to and her experiences with boys, school and family are completely identifiable.  Helen provides insight into what it feels like, as an adult, to feel lonely and scared. While not a very fast paced novel, those who prefer vibrant characters and strong language will fall in love with this book. The writing is hypnotising and the stories heartbreaking. The audio tape is especially captivating. An amazing book and one of my favourites.

For other books by Laura Wiess and similar reads please see my review of Leftovers.

Rating:  5Q 4.5P S

*for more information on Parkinsons, please check out the official website here.

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3 Responses

  1. Oooooo guess what I just bought today? Looking to start it after my current read! Can’t wait. Catch up with you on Wednesday?

  2. Awesome, I was trying to think today what my fave Wiess book is, I couldn’t decide between Leftovers and How it Ends, so they both win!

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