Wichita Public Library

Wichita public library had three really awesome events in October.

Quinceanera Fashion Show – A fashion show put on by teens in the community to teach others about the Latin American tradition of celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday. Presenters provided commentary during the fashion show describing the clothing, how it was chosen and the significance of the clothing. What a great way to celebrate the culture in your community and get teens involved at the same time.

They must have had some sort of Edgar Allan Poe month because the next two events focus on Mr. Poe.

Make your Own Poe Video – teens were invited to film themselves doing their own version of any of Poe’s poems.  The teens were given the equipment at the library to film the videos and they were posted to YouTube and the top three won a prize. We talked about using YouTube in library programming a few weeks ago in class. I’m very much in favour of programs that allow teens to express themselves in creative and relevant ways, and I think YouTube videos are a great medium to do that.

Masquerade Party – Gothic inspired masquerade Party called “The Masque of Red Death” was held on October 24th. Teens came in Poe-esque costumes. Besides just a fun party, the teens helped solve a mystery and watched the submitted Poe videos. I think this is awesome, and I would totally have gone. Having a party at the library where kids get to dress up and have a great time is an awesome and fun non academic way to get teens into the library space and make them feel like it really is a place that is for them and represents their tastes and wants. It also tied back to the collection. Having a fun costume party based on literature – genius! Libraries should do this for the release of the new Alice in Wonderland movie.


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