Review of a Professional Journal – School Library Journal

Things I liked about it:

  • Seemed to have a lot of relevant articles about things that relate to YA.  For example, one of the articles was about 3-D virtualization in a high school as a way to promote virtual learning and whether a library should have a social media policy.
  •  Has a regular feature called “the Buzz” that looked at new technologies. This is super important to keep up to date with the technologies that teens might be using.
  •  It addressed relevant issues that are concerning to both children and YA school librarians, such as whether or not school libraries are still relevant and the changes that need to be made to ensure they are.
  • Articles all seemed well researched and professional in nature.
  •  Many of the signature pieces were substantial in length which is better than some of the other journals that just use one small single page article and cover topics in a less in-depth manner.
  • Introduced new books with quality reviews (in theme section). Many of the books are being covered in online book blogs, which speaks towards popularity.
  • There was a multimedia review as a regular feature – quite hefty (14 pages) and includes a lot of different multimedia formats (some of them seemed more education based and perhaps not something teens themselves would take out. Although this was not always the case).
  • The main book reviews were organized by grades.
  • There was a little section called “Introducing Point of View,” which featured 5 books that are already released that are about difficult topics (Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson). It then introduced two new books that are similar.
  •  Seemed to be a wide variety of contributors.

Things I did not like:

  • Was not specifically for teens, included a lot of information about children as well.
  • Also focuses on school libraries, which is not always applicable to YA librarians working in a public library setting.
  •  It lumped YA reviews in a category with grades 5 and up, not very specific and you would have to search through the pages to find ones applicable to actual teens, but there was a lot of books reviewed ( 30 pages in total in this grouping).

I think that Library School Journal is really well rounded, including information on everything from new technologies, important issues, new books, videos, etc. I think the information was really relevant and helpful. While not specifically for teens, as it did included information on children, it was a great starting point for any librarian. This would be especially helpful for a school librarian or a librarian in a small library that worked with both teens and children. Overall, I thought it was a very useful professional resource (the amount of reviews being the most appealing feature).


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