Changes for the New Year

Hi everyone, I’m back from my vacation, well rested and well read. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and it gave me the chance to evaluate my blog and decide what I wanted to do differently. I was really inspired by everyone’s Blog New Year’s Resolutions. Allow me to introduce some changes here at Creating Discussion…


Now that the semester is over and this blog is no longer for credit I’ve decided to overhaul my rating system. For the most part I think ratings are completely irrelevant because they are so subjective. However, I do want to keep rating the books—more of a personal motivator to think critically about the books I read. I really enjoyed using the VOYA ratings but I sometimes felt limited by them. I didn’t get to really explain why I chose those ratings and it didn’t let me highlight the areas that I thought were really good or needed some work. So I’ve looked around the blog world and come up with a combination of elements to make my new blog ratings system. Please click on the tab above to see the new rating system.


I’ve developed four monthly features that will be posted on Wednesdays, with each feature posted once a month. The first feature will highlight a single Canadian YA author’s work, then a YA non-fiction, an adult book that I think YA readers might enjoy and then finally my library programs, which I already post sporadically.  Considering that I do want to use this blog when I start to apply for jobs I really want to widen the types of materials I look at, while still maintaining a YA focus. Hopefully you find some of this new stuff interesting.


This will still be a regular feature, but it will be moved to Fridays.


I’m taking a materials class for older children, so you might see a few tween novel reviews pop up from time to time. 

So that’s it for now, come back tomorrow to check out my first new monthly feature on Canadian Author Kelley Armstrong and keep a look out for some great book reviews coming your way.


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