Monthly Program – Highlighting Central Rappahannock

This is my monthly program feature that will look at programs for YA being held in Canadian and American libraries.

Central Rappahannock is partnering with local schools for what I think is a very cool book club for middle school students.  From the website:

“About Café Book”

Teens at area schools eat lunch in the school library and talk about the latest and hottest books published for teenagers. After reading their choices from selected titles, the teens share their thoughts with each other. The ultimate goal is to produce a booklist of each school’s Top Picks.”

I think this is a great partnership! I know not every teen would be interested in doing this, but I’m sure this is an awesome idea for some. I know as a socially inept student in middle school (although we did not really have middle school, my high school started in grade 8 ) I would have really appreciated having something like this that I could go to. It might have made me feel like I had a place where I belonged and could be free to read and be around people like me. I’m glad the library is providing these students this opportunity.

For more information on this program check out the website here:


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