Not just for your parents (1)

While I do primarily read YA fiction these days I do enjoy some adult fiction every once in a while. This monthly feature will look at some of the adult fiction I am reading and examine its appeal for those who prefer Young Adult literature.

Nights of Rain and Starsby Maeve Binchy

Four strangers on holiday in Greece band together after witnessing a tragic boating accident to become friends, and lovers, in an enchanting story that explores the mercurial nature of friendships and the elusive meaning of family.

Residents of different countries, the four vacationers discover a commonality: a desire to escape contentious family situations back home. A newly divorced father, Thomas has taken a year’s sabbatical to give his young son time to acclimate to his new stepfather. David, a timid Englishman, knows he’s disappointing his successful father by not taking over the family business. Elsa, a glamorous German TV reporter, has walked out on a tumultuous love affair, while Fiona is defying family and friends in Ireland by running off with her rebellious boyfriend. Serendipitously, two locals, Andreas and Vonni, befriend the travelers and help them gain perspectives that will put their unsettled lives in order.

This is a good fit for those who enjoy Real Life YA fiction, where the focus is on relationships and family instead of a fast paced plot. Binchy also does an amazing job at describing setting, so those who enjoy historical fiction because of the lush landscapes might enjoy Nights of Rain and Stars. There is a warm heartedness to the storytelling and readers will enjoy watching the characters overcome difficult situations and relate to one another.

YA Connection: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and anything by Deb Caletti


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