Author Spotlight (2)

This is a monthly feature that will highlight and introduce the works of Canadian YA authors.  I’m doing this mostly for self-education because unfortunately I’m not all that aware of the amazing talent that exists in my own country.  (I might shake it up from time to time and include an American author)

This month’s author: Tim Wynne-Jones

Author Blurb: Before Christmas I read Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones and was completely captivated by his talent. One of the things that surprised me was the sheer expanse of his writing; including everything from picture books to radio plays. Tim lives near Perth, Ontario with his wife Amanda. He loves reading, cooking and music (he’s played in a few bands). His first novel, Odd’s End, won the Seal First Novel Award, winning him $50,000 and putting him on the map for Canadian literature. Mystery is a common element in his books, as is the Canadian landscape.

Tim’s website is very comprehensive (one of the better author sites I’ve seen). For a more detailed  biographical sketch, news about his whereabouts, upcoming books, awards, tips for writing, reviews, etc, check out his website.

*side note, his website indicates that The Uninvited has been nominated for the 2010 OLA White Pine Award! Congratulations!

For a full bibliography check out his website, below is just a small selection of his great work.

The Last Piece of Sky, illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Architect of the Moon, illustrated by Ian Wallace

The Uninvited

Rex Zero Series

A Thief in the House of Memory




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