Chapters Makeover

Do you remember my visit to Chapters months ago when I compared their teen space to that of the library? Probably not. That’s okay you can check it out here.

I just wanted to write a little update because the Chapters I visited recently had a major makeover in the children and teen area. I have no idea if other Chapters have already done this, but the new space is AMAZING (minus the fact that I’ve almost been run over at least 3 times by children using the new little cars they can ride around in)

The teen section used to be off the main strip that leads from the door to the back wall. It was rather crammed and you got the impression that there was always someone watching you. It was near the children section but very distinct.

Now they have a HUGE section all to themselves that expands from the centre aisle all the way to the back wall. They have changed the signage that says “teens” on the top of the shelves. It now has a different font and is multi-coloured – very hip. Besides the ample space, the new shelves and signage, they now include bean bag chairs for teens to sit in and enough space for a large group to be there all at once. Incredible, I thought teens were loud, obnoxious, stole things and made out in the stacks???  I don’t really think that, but I’m pretty sure Chapters did.  Oh, and every single time I’ve been in there, the space has been packed, teens were even sitting on the floor.

I’m not so naive to assume that a huge business has taken a queue from libraries and sees the value in giving teens their own space. Rather, they likely have just realized the immense buying power of young adults and want to lure them into buy more books. I’m still glad the space exists for them.

But maybe they are looking at libraries though, because now Chapters is providing programming for children and even a teen book club. They also have a Teen editor page here.

Anyways, I’m not really sure if it’s relevant, or if these changes are indicative of anything, but at the very least it’s a pretty cool upgrade and you should go check it out.

Chapters @ 86 Fanshawe Park Road East, London – (519) 672-6781


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  1. Oh I noticed on Wednesday that the wall was down 0 but didn’t venture in – I’ll definitely have to drop in next week – sounds great! Wonder how many stores they’ll be renovating

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