Getting Revenge On Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook

“She might have forgotten all about me, but I certainly never forgot about here. Not for one single day.”

In the final weeks of 8th grade Lauren did something to her best friend that was unforgivable, something so publicly humiliating that Helen, her best friend, had to move. Helen has never forgiven nor forgotten what Lauren did and has plotted revenge ever since. When Helen gets the opportunity to move back to her old town in senior year she takes it and sets in process a revenge plan that will topple Lauren: take her boyfriend, take her cheerleading and take her popularity.

I love this from the summary on the book: “Watch out Lauren Wood. Things are about to get bitchy.”

I’m not sure what it says about me that I loved his book. I thought it was light, refreshing and completely hilarious. I couldn’t get enough of Cook’s witty writing, every day characters and ultimate revenge plan. Despite all the horrible things that Helen ends up doing, I can’t think of a character I’ve rooted for more. I just kept holding my breath waiting for the shoe to fall, for her to go too far; I was hooked. It’s a quick read, there isn’t a lot of depth, and frankly it is a book about revenge, but it’s fun and easy, adorable and funny. I highly recommend it.

You might like Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood if you like books with: fast pacing, whitty and sarcastic and somewhat dark humour, a high school cheerleader gets what’s coming plot.

Also by Eileen Cook: What Would Emma Do?

If you liked Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood you might also like: The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han, Peace, Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle, The Naughty List by Suzanne Young and Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Author’s website found here.

Rating: W4/4   C4/4   P3.5/4   O2/4   PP3/4   CR3.4

Grade Level: MJS


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