Evermore by Alyson Noel

After a horrible accident that kills her parents and her little sister, Ever Bloom is left alive and able to see people’s auras, hear their thoughts and know someone’s entire life story simply by touching them. Needless to say, she’s altered.  She’s learnt to deal with it by using music to drown out the voices and avoiding touching people at all cost; that is until she meets Damen and everything changes. He is gorgeous and mysterious, but he doesn’t have an aura and he can shut out all the voices simply by touching Ever. She’s drawn to him, even though she feels she might be in danger. As everything around her starts to fall apart Ever will have to decide whether or not she wants to be different and how important Damen is in her life.

Evermore fits very well into the genre of paranormal romance. I really enjoyed the novelty of some of Ever’s power, especially her ability to see auras and speak to her dead sister. So much of this genre is similar, so I was thankful that Noel had this unique aspect. The story is fast-paced and there is a lot of action and suspense that kept me very engaged. However, there were a few problems that left me slightly disappointed. I felt at times there was too much going on, Ever’s powers and the Immortals storyline compete for space. I almost wish it had of been one or the other. I also stumbled over the relationship between Damen and Ever, feeling that it was a tad too much Edward/Bella for my liking. I can definitely see the appeal that this book would have to readers and I would still recommend it to a specific audience. However, I don’t think I will be finishing the series.

You might enjoy Evermore if you like books with: romance, otherworldly men, main characters with their own powers, suspense

Also by Alyson Noel: Cruel Summer

Evermore is part of the Immortal Series, also in the series are: Blue Moon, Shadowland and Dark Flame.

Alyson Noel also has a book called Radiance coming out in August 2010 about Ever’s sister Riley after she leaves Ever.

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Additional Info: dramatic rights have been sold, so something similar might appear as a TV show in the future

Rating: W2.5/4   C2.5/4   P2.5/4   O1.5/4 PP3/4   CR3/4

Grade Level: JS


Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Everything was going fine in Camelia’s life before the strange new student Ben saved her from being hit by a car. Now everything is different. To begin, even though rumours suggest that Ben killed his girlfriend at another school, Camellia can’t forget him. She just can’t get his touch out of her mind. She also starts getting strange and threatening messages and gifts. Even though her best friends blame Ben, she feels he’s the only one she can trust. With so many strange things happening, it’s hard to tell who you can trust.

Deadly Little Secrets is a very suspenseful read as you try to put together the pieces of the puzzle. The author did a great job of providing different suspects and keeping the reader hooked until the very end. I had a hard time identifying with Camelia and the relationship with Ben was a little off for me, but I thought the other characters, especially Kimmie, very vibrant. The dialogue was well done and I especially liked the ending. Overall, the book was a complete surprise and wasn’t at all what I suspected. A good mix of mystery, suspense, realistic fiction and a dash of paranormal.

You might like Deadly Little Secrets if you enjoy books with: suspense, puzzles, fast paced plots rather than strong character development, mystery, a little bit of romance.

Other books by Laurie Faria Stolarz: Deadly Little Lies, The Blue is for Nightmares Collection, Project 17

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Additional Info: Deadly Little Secrets is part of a 5 part series, with the second book Deadly Little Lies already available.

Author website found here.

Rating: W2/4   C2.5/4   P3/4   O2/4   PP3/4   CR3.5/4

Grade: JS